Thursday, February 2, 2017

Sponsorizzazione da parte di una impresa canadese

Come si fa? Ecco le informazioni che valgono oggi dal governo Canadese. A questa pagina.

Il testo da usare:


The most common way for employers to sponsor individuals to work in Canada is through the Temporary Foreign Worker Program, which is a temporary employer-sponsored visa used by Canadian employers to fill positions when they can’t find anyone in the local labour market.
To be granted this visa you need to secure a job with a Canadian employer. Your new employer must then obtain an Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA) where they’ll need to prove that your skills cannot be sourced from within Canada .To find out more about LMIA’s, see our ‘What is an LMIA?’ section.
Your right to stay and work in Canada depends on your employer continuing to sponsor you but most foreign workers on a temporary visa will be subject to a 4-year limit on the length of time they may work in Canada. If you want to change jobs, your new employer must apply to CIC and be accepted to sponsor you.
There are plenty of ways to find an employer to sponsor you. Many employers will proactively seek candidates at recruitment exhibitions, like our Newcomers Canada Fairs. It is worth finding out which employers from your industry will be attending these events and going to meet them in person.
Employers will also advertise on job search websites and through recruiters. The Canadian Government’s official job search website Job Bank is a useful first step or alternatively search for jobs on our Jobs Board. Finally, a lot of jobs in Canada are not advertised, but are filled through personal and professional contacts. To increase your chances of finding these jobs you should directly contact employers you would like to work for. You could also join professional industry associations. For more information, see our ‘Finding a Job’ section.

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